Friday, April 3, 2009

Flowers.. Bouquet..

As I remember I got so sad/upset regarding this matter. I inquired to April and Karen Yu and they told me that they already have a commitment for an out-of-town event. It’s a relative wedding. :(

I even post this issue to w@w.. For others they might think I’m so mababaw (uy conio) but I really wanted to have beautiful flowers during my wedding. I’m willing to splurge on it.
Thankfully my co-w@wies gave me assurance and comforted me during this process (hahaha ang drama noh.. well try to plan a wedding and you will understand where I’m coming from)

What do I wanted for a bridal bouquet?! Something unique. I don’t want roses and tulips. I’m not fond of it. When I check Cheska Garcia’s wedding pictures I got so intrigued with her bridal bouquet. It was very unique. All blue. But I don’t have any idea what kind of flowers are they. I tried to contact and inquire to Tropical blooms (based from the website, tropical blooms was Cheska’s event stylist) but I didn’t get a response. Since I’m targeting to finish and finalize my suppliers this month end I don’t want to wait any longer.

Then, I remembered Sunday Cabagay of KaBLOOMs. I inquired last year and honestly he was our first choice. But since April&Karen got positive track record in the forum I decided to get them but they are not available.

We are scheduled to have a vacation in Philippines (It was unplanned vacation, Rudy&I just filed SL for this hehehe). We wanted to be part of W@W Ten-ten-te-10 party. We arrived last March 29, 2009. And proceed with our schedule. I met Sunday Cabagay at Starbucks Shangri-La with our mothers. He came on time (as in ako ung sumira sa usapan because natraffic kami at naligaw) ..
Well.. Well Well.. We are so impressed with the Japanese lanterns with crystals from Agie and Ejhaye’s wedding. And then he showed me lots of pictures from his previous wedding. So, that night Rudy and I decided to hire him as our wedding stylist for the church, entourage flowers and reception ceiling.
We got a great package and he worked out based from our budget. (o diba san ka pa)..

For my bridal bouquet, he will be using blue hyacinth, blue lisianthus and yellow freesias combinations. (na ngayon ko lang nakilala at narinig.. sampaguita at santan kasi popular sa amin hehehe)

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  1. can't wait to see your actual bouquet sis!!:) Napapaisip tuloy ako kung k Kablooms na rin kaya ako kumuha ng bouquet KO lang ha.. ahahaha!! ito kasing si 15-58 parang nahihirapan ata sa blue..:(