Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1st pre-natal photoshoot :)

Buchugg is 9weeks and 5days in this photoshoot :)
Tummy size 83cm
Photo by: Daddy Rudy Sebastian

I love you Buchugg!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

And they call him DOS :)

Last week we had a video chat with my Mother-in-Law and wooow they are very excited for our baby. They are planning to renovate (i believe right now the renovation was on process) Rudy's room to be our room and Buchugg's nursery room every time we visit Philippines.

Funny it seems, we named our baby before Uno coz he's EDD should be Jan 1, 2011 and he's the first grandson of both families. After we lost him God gave us another Uno and his dad fondly called him Buchugg but his grand parents called him DOS.

I didn't bother to correct them I'm just happy that our new blessing have lots of pet names. Whatever he may be called we're just lucky to know that everyone is excited for his arrival and he is love.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Second attempt :)

We never expected that our Phuket Escapade will be the reason for me to conceive since our previous doctor advise us for four months rest and fasting (hehehe) but God has a different plan for us and we are very thankful for our new blessing - Buchugg :)

Pregnancy test... POSITIVE :p

5 weeks and 3 days

8 weeks and 4 days

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Buchugg meets his Dad :)

Last Saturday (18th September 2010) Buchugg finally met his Daddy Rudy and I was so happy with the outcome. Hindi nakakasama si Rudy sa check-up ko since mauubos na ung leave nya kaya I ensure na ung next check-up after his graduation bilang embryo eh available ang Daddy nya. We heared his heart beat 175bpm as per OB kaya sobrang happy at unti-unti nang nabubuo ung head, hands and feet nya.

Rudy, like other dad was so excited and at the same time so proud of his baby. Kaya kahit nahihirapan ako sa paglilihi ok lang basta nakikita ko cyang masaya. He's very supportive and very patience sa mga mood swings at paguutos ko although madalas nakikita ko din na napapagod na cya. He still smile and kiss me ;)

Hormones... i want to kill you.. having mood swings is very hard. sa lahat na lang ng bagay sensitive ka. Mula sa maamoy, kakainin at taong titingnan. May times din na emotional ka. Matakaw o walang gana kumain. Kahit ito ung hirap na narararanasan ko I'm always looking forward na maramdaman cya at least alam kong ok na ok c buchugg sa tummy ko.. Nakakatakot kasi pag sa umaga di ako susuka feeling ko may masamang nangyayari.. So ngayon doble ingat ang ginagawa ko..

Buchugg, i hope u're having a great time inside my tummy. We are really excited to see u soon.. Sa ngayon stay ka muna dyan and promise me that u'll be good inside. Si Mommy naman will do her very best to take care of you and your Daddy.. BTW, Tita Charm and Tita Janice were also pregnant so madami ka nang playmates and soon makikilala mo na din ang favorite kong si Tabby pero wag kang magseselos kasi ikaw ang pinakafavorite at love na love ko.. I'm thankful to God for having you and your daddy in my life. I really can't wait to see you and to hug you.. Ayan anak naiiyak na ako.. I love you so much :)

Friday, September 17, 2010


After two months of hiding I finally told our families about BUCHUGG. Yes you read it right I'm pregnant again. I'm 8weeks and 3days as of this writing. His Daddy Rudy called him Buchugg coz if I'm hungry I'm like a monster yet after feeding me I'm tame as an angel hahaha.. The whole family were happy yet quite scared because of what happenend last time I got pregnant. But God will never abandon us :)

This day also we are celebrating our 11 months of marriage. We have been a lot in this eleven months.. Having and surrenderring Uno last June 8.. Moving on and accepting the changes of our lives.. Travelling again to different country and our latest gift from God is having Buchugg..

Tomorrow, Daddy Rudy will join us on our check-up.. I heared his heartbeat last Septemeber 6 with my Baby ko Daniel.. This is the first time that Rudy will hear it and his really really excited..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rainy and lazy wednesday!!!

I don't feel like working. I feel so heavy right now. Hay.. I'm sleepy too..

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pre-anniversary wedding gift :)

Got my pre-anniversary wedding gift from my hubby koy Rudy last September 8, 2010.. It's been part of my wishlist since my last year's bday but due to budget constraint I made a compromise deal with him that we will save for this gadget..
I'll be using this to document my day-to-day life as a wife :)

I'm back!!!

After several months hibernating I'm back to blog :) I have lots of stories to tell but I don't know where to start. From this day I'll be documenting my journey as a mommy wanna be..

Stay tune :)