Monday, April 6, 2009


Pocket series books accompany me as I travel from our flat to my office at Kembangan..
Taking the SMRT train for a 45minutes ride is really boring.. And I need to take it everyday. So, to make myself occupied for 45 minutes I always have a book with me...

The Confessions of A Shopaholic

I got this book when Rudy and I went to Malaysia for Ayana’s baptismal. Since we always bring something back I decided to check some books in Kinokuniya in KL..
Kinokuniya Bookstore is also the same as National bookstore but the major difference is you can read any book for the whole day (as long as the store is still open) and no one minds you.

Since, we are rushing (as always hehehe).. Rudy bought me the confession.. He told me that I’ll be needing that.. hehehe..

His friends are still strolling around the KLCC Mall.. I went to Starbucks to buy some hot caramel macchiato.. and start reading my book…


Well, the book isn’t bad enough.. Actually, I enjoyed every page of it.. There are moments that I can really relate to Rebecca.. But I’m not an impulsive buyer (ok, sometimes.. specially if there’s a sale hehehe)..

Aside from this book, I also got some Sophie Kinsella’s series like… Shopaholic takes Manhattan, Shopaholic takes Abroad (these books were bought by my hubby to be as a peace offering) and my recent book - The Undomesticated Goddess.. The Shopaholic and Sister & The Shopaholic and Baby are both sold-out here in Singapore..

Last March 29, 2009 we got the chance to watch the movie in GV Jurong Point Mall in Boon Lay. I missed this movie twice. In KL and in Manila..

To check all the latest from Sophie Kinsella, here's her link:

TO BE CONTINUE.... (to follow, the TWILIGHT SERIES... still on-going)


  1. Nag-stop for a while ang wedding preps ko because I had to finish all 4 books in the Twilight series. It was a welcome diversion. :)

  2. haaay sis, i totally agree: starbucks + a good book = perfect combination!!:)

  3. I'm a Kinsella reader too!!!