Friday, September 17, 2010


After two months of hiding I finally told our families about BUCHUGG. Yes you read it right I'm pregnant again. I'm 8weeks and 3days as of this writing. His Daddy Rudy called him Buchugg coz if I'm hungry I'm like a monster yet after feeding me I'm tame as an angel hahaha.. The whole family were happy yet quite scared because of what happenend last time I got pregnant. But God will never abandon us :)

This day also we are celebrating our 11 months of marriage. We have been a lot in this eleven months.. Having and surrenderring Uno last June 8.. Moving on and accepting the changes of our lives.. Travelling again to different country and our latest gift from God is having Buchugg..

Tomorrow, Daddy Rudy will join us on our check-up.. I heared his heartbeat last Septemeber 6 with my Baby ko Daniel.. This is the first time that Rudy will hear it and his really really excited..

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