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My 18 days experience as a Nursing Mom

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I've been reading many blogs regarding nawie mommies sharing their experiences in breastfeeding and joining the DOH campaign. While reading their stories it came to my mind why not share my 18days journey with my Rylee.

During my pregnancy, Rudy and I made an agreement that I will do my very best to breastfeed our son. So i equip myself on reading post from our nawie group. I even sent some personal queries to other mommies and they kindly response to it. I read and research online. I made Rudy promise that if I feel on giving up he should not allow me and he should be firm with it (even if I'll cry to death). Even the hospital we chose supports breastfeeding. The first item that we bought for our son was an Avent Electric single pump.

Came April 27, 2011. The best day of my life. God gave me a beautiful gift, my Rylee. The first time I experienced to breastfed Rylee. I thought it was easy since he sucked very well during our first time, maybe because I'm on anesthesia that time :)

Rylee and Mommy's first meeting.
our very first breastfeeding session

As the anesthesia subsides, "painful" reality sunk in. It was painful as i remembered it when I nursed him in the recovery room but I promise myself that I will never give-up and I will do my best to give him the very best that I can offer. The first 24 hours was indeed challenging. I need to nurse him every 2 hours, there are times that I cannot understand why he keeps on crying and it tears me that my mom keeps on telling me that he's hungry and my milk supply was not enough, that we should give him formula. I keep on telling or yelling at her that I will not give him formula and the hospital will not allow it. True enough the hospital nurses, my OB and Rylee's pedia explained the policy to my mom and taught me how to nurse properly. My OB explained that even I'm just giving a drop of milk to Rylee it was enough for him. Still my mom insist on giving formula and the resident pedia gave us a prescription to buy a box of S-26 and Wilkins water and we introduce cup feeding while waiting for my milk to come out. I felt i was betrayed by my own mom and loser at the same time and she explained that when I was a baby I was formula fed although it was mixed since she also breastfed me for about 3 months.  But after a heart-to-heart talk with my mom and explained my side why I really wanted to do it she understand and supported my/our decision on breastfeeding.

So we cupfed and breastfed Rylee at the same time. Every 2 hours i need to nurse him for 30mins then after that the nurse will give him 20ml S26 formula milk, he's so cute and he's a natural for using cup. The hospital didn't want to introduce the bottle to avoid nipple confusion.

cup-feeding session of Rylee at SLMC
It was easy being at the hospital since we can get all the professional help we needed. After 4 days at the hospital the real journey began... Rudy and I decided to stop giving formula milk to Rylee but instead to continue breastfeeding him, my sister Yna who's a nurse by profession gave us advise on how i can properly fed my son. It wasn't easy specially when i experienced breast engorgement. That's the time that I wanted to give up. I was crying since my milk doesn't want to come out. Rylee was wailing and I felt tortured since I can't give him milk. I told Rudy to give Rylee a cup of formula milk but he insisted that I should pursue on breastfeeding him. I was crying and begging him to help Rylee to stop him from wailing and crying coz i'm hurting while seeing him that way. My sister Yna took Rylee away and gave him to my Mother-in-law. Rudy and Yna started to massage me and let me calm down. after that they gave me a breast massage and viola the first drop of milk came out. Tears of happiness were flowing in my eyes. My husband was also happy and took Rylee immediately from my MIL so I can feed him. My son sucked and I felt he was happy and comfortable.  To help my milk supply I started taking malunggay capsules (3caps per meal), drinking lots of water (specially during feeding time) and eating healthy food. After Rylee finished his session I will pumped both of my breast to properly drained all excess milk. Then I noticed that my milk was increasing as days goes by. 

Last milk I pumped for my Rylee [May 15, 2011 at 1:12pm]. I managed to send this picture to his Dad to tell him that I have enough milk supply for his son.
It was indeed a great and priceless 18days breastfeeding journey that Rylee and I had shared because on his 19day he passed away [The battle of my 19days old son, Rylee ]

I may not be a breastfeeding mom right now but I'm encouraging every pregnant mom and moms to try and experience this wonderful journey. It wasn't easy though  butwith proper help, support and guidance from family and friends you can do it. Most of the breastfeeding moms I met were very kind in sharing their experiences and information. Internet is also a best tool in researching and preparing oneself for breastfeeding.  I thank God that he gave me the chance to provide "food" to my son and to have a special bonding moment that I will treasure forever. I have priceless memories that no one can take away from me and every time I read mommies about their breastfeeding story, I remember my Rylee. I remember our times together. Our wonderful journey.


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  2. *hugs*

    I recently read a story of a Mom who was breastfeeding her newborn when she also lost her child... one of the things she did was wet nurse and donate her milk, believing that if she couldn't save her baby, she could at least GIVE to some other baby...

    beautiful, no?

    and I am not saying you should have done this... I am just sharing... I hope you know you've also given to other babies by reminding other parents just how precious each child is... and how easily they can be taken away...

    I know that... having lost a newphew... but I still need reminding sometimes... so thank you, for sharing your pain and enlightening others in the process

    had to delete the previous one to edit :)

  3. Found your post through the carnival, and just wanted to tell you I thought it was so beautiful. I wish I could translate the story of what happened to beautiful Rylee, but I can tell, even if I can't understand the language, that you are so brave and honest in your telling of the story of his life. You are one amazing mom.

  4. Hi Sis Escie, another wonderful blog entry....I'm a nursing mom na rin to my 26day old son. Mahirap talaga magpa.breastfeed. I still don't enjoy it but each session with my son, gumiginhawa na rin.
    I still have sore nipples and when I go out for hours, syempre namamaga breasts ko.

    But I am as equally happy every time I satisfied my son's hunger. Kahit masakit keribels lang.

    Don't wori, you will soon breastfeed again.

    Take care!

  5. *hugs*

    You are really inspirational! At ang dami mong milk ha! I have a hard time producing that much milk even months after my kids were born.

    I'm sure you will be able to breastfeed soon. It's all in God's perfect timing :)