Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rylee's different faces (inside my Tummy)

As part of my "moving-on" process, I'm sharing some happy moments with our dear Rylee.

Rylee at 23weeks and 1 day. Taken last December 2010 at In my Womb, Glorietta.

I remebered that Rudy and I were both excited after seeing him inside my tummy. He's so adorable and I can't believe that God is so good for choosing me to be his mom.


Everyday I miss you son. Daddy and Mommy keeps on talking about you. We can never forget you.
Always remember that we LOVE you so much and we will always be here together. Thank you for all the memories you've shared. Alam mo yun ang laging topic ng story namin ni Daddy. Paulit-ulit and we smile or laugh as we remembered all those precious time.

I know and I believe that you are guiding us. I know you are happy now. Mommy and Daddy are also happy. There are just some times that we terribly miss you. Your cries, your smile, your touch, your smell.
Like now, I miss you that's why I'm writing you a letter again. I'm here in JW site to do some "baby-sitting job" yet I can't concentrate because I was thinking about you.

Son, we will love you forever. I'm truly excited seeing you once again. I'm excited when the time when God will finally call me. But for the meantime, you will be guiding mommy and daddy on our daily things. And i will always light a candle for you.

I love you forever my Rylee pot.

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