Friday, October 12, 2012

My breastfeeding gadget list

This is a very long over due post. It's been a year since I last posted about breastfeeding .  But as I promise to Sis Kendz, Sis Ginapie and Sis Rhessy, I'll share how I prepare my breastfeeding gadget list. You may also check my old post about breastfeeding preparation while pregnant.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful yet challenging journey. Wonderful in a sense that you're not just giving your milk to your baby but giving your time and literally yourself to her. I believe that to be successful in breastfeeding proper mindset and 80% of work is done during pregnancy. I think I'm one of the lucky pregnant mom since my husband supported all my decision in breastfeeding even preparing for my gadget list :)

But trust me all of these items are must haves hahaha :)


Pigeon Disposable Breastpads

You don't want to have a leaking patch in front of your clothes right? So better prepare yourself with this item. Nursing bra is also a must have so you can easily remove the cover in front and give your breast to a hungry baby. (If I'm home, i don't wear a nursing bra at all. T-shirt/sando will do and it's really comfortable).


I'm always on-the-go. So part of my list is to have the boncho AND nursing cover. What's the difference? Boncho (by Indigo baby, a revamped breastfeeding poncho) can be use not only as a nursing wear, nursing cover and even as a normal mommy clothes. It has 14 yummy ways to wear.

I'm using NEXT9 nursing cover. Both of these items were really helpful specially when we're outside our home. I can nurse/pump anywhere. And you can also use your nursing cover as cover for your car seat carrier, stroller or even as an emergency blanket.

I tried pumping inside the cinema while watching ICE AGE 3, eating at VIA MARE and inside SINGAPORE AIRLINE. People don't really notice (or I really don't mind them) that I'm doing my mommy duty :)

Boncho (top) and Nursing cover (below)
At DFA-Aseana while Nursing Ryleen
Using my boncho at IMM Mall in Jurong East, Singapore with my Mom

My brestfriend with extra slip cover
Optional gadget. But since I was scheduled to have an elective CS this gadget became a must have on my list. It's hard to carry a 3.08kg baby for 2-3hrs straight. I don't need to carry Ryleen anymore. I just place her on the pillow and waaaahla after nursing she's comfortably sleeping on my brestfriend arms :)


Some mommies can produce a lot of milk. I can't produce that much before but having these items on hand helped me with my mind-setting. I always dream of having all of these avent cups full of milk and  the storage bags properly and equally place inside our fridge (like Mimma Benz)

Storage bags with markers and masking tape
Avent storage cups, medela cup and avent breast shield 
My frozen milk using storage bags
My express pumped milk from work
Milk inside using Avent storage cups
electric sealer and battery operated sealer (for emergency purposes)
Optional gadget. I have 2 sealers. One electric and the other one is battery operated that can be use in your office/travel and very handy. Why I tag this as an optional? You can buy storage milk bags with double zipper seal so you will not need this. But if you want to try saving your milk using playtex then definitively you must have a sealer. 


Freezer bags

I don't have a separate freezer for my milk. So to ensure that my milk will not be contaminated I'm using these freezer bags. I have a rule in the house that one level of the freezer is dedicated to Ryleen's milk


My medela freestyle comes with a free reusable ice pack but I find it easy to melt. Most of the time I'm 8hrs away from home and I'm working on-site so I need my fridge-to-go/medela bag to act as my mini-fridge. 


Since most of your gadgets are plastic you need a brush and a bottle soap to clean it. I also have a separate basin for all used bottles, milk storage cups and my breast pump.


Ryleen's drying rack 
After cleaning and sterilizing you need to air dry the bottles (if you're too lazy to cloth dry it), then you must have a drying rack :)

And the star of this blog....


My Medela Freestyle breastpump
I'm a working mom and I still wanted to give breast milk to my daughter even I'm away, this pump help me to produce the quantity of milk Ryleen needs. It's a bit pricey but this is much better than buying a can of formula milk (pro-breast feeding). 

And if you owned a medela freestyle, you must have a Tinytots handsfree bra. I use it most of the time in our office (our office have a Silent/lactation room) so while pumping, I can also do my office task. Thanks to this bra I can do multi-tasking. 

Tiny-tots handsfree bra

Most of the items are available at our online store -

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