Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ready, Get Set, Go for Breastfeeding!

"Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (August). For this month, we join the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action in it's "Talk to Me!" theme where participants will share personal experiences, insights or recommendations in communicating breastfeeding intentions and goals to their support system. Please scroll down to the end of this post and check out the other carnival participants."


Breastfeeding is nature's precious gift to our babies but it is sad to think that according to UNICEF data only 34% of Filipino mothers exclusively breastfeeding their babies for six months. Lack of information and campaign drive for breastfeeding is the main issue why we have a low statistics.

Many soon to be mothers and mothers want to breastfeed but they don't make plans to breastfeed. They didn't realize that 80% of the work is done during pregnancy and 20% is the practical aspect after giving birth.

So, I'll be sharing how I gear up for breastfeeding.

1. Elucidate your Goal - the moment you knew you are pregnant decide to breastfeed your baby. Be firm with your decision. Our belief and attitude towards breastfeeding are formed from people around us. Allow breastfeeding moms influence you. Understand the importance of breastfeeding. Read/listen to their stories, ask questions and don't be afraid.

I like to quote Ms Rebecca Chin, President of Breastfeeding Mother's Support Group here in Singapore "Breastfeed like it's your responsibility and you don't have a choice, this way you won't be tempted to supplement".

And include your husband/partner in every planning and decision that you will make because he will play a very important role in your decision. He's your moral, emotional and physical support when you start your journey.

2. Equip yourself with knowledge - in our modern day society information is everywhere. Research online, read books, join breastfeeding class and  workshop and seminar.
Breastfeeding book

Aside from yourself, share this knowledge to your husband/partner, immediate families, nanny or to anyone that will help you on breastfeeding. Find a support group who are also breastfeeding advocate.

3. Plan your birth - Take responsibility on your birthing choices.
Talk to your OB and discuss with him/her your birth plan and breastfeeding plan so they can consider rooming in your baby after giving birth.

According to Lamaze International, Mothers who room-in with their newborns produce more milk. Mothers who hold their newborns skin-to-skin also produce more milk.

And the most exciting part,

4. Build your breastfeeding nest

Must haves: nursing bras, nursing wear, nursing pads for leaking milk.
Optional: nursing pillows, breast pump, breast pump accessories, nursing mother's tea/food supplement and parenting paraphernalia like sling, carriers, co-sleepers and wrap.
Nursing pillow

Avent breast pump and accessories

My husband Rudy and I managed to prepare and equip ourselves for our son Rylee yet I just breastfed him for 18 days (My 18 days experience as a Nursing Mom).

I may stop breastfeeding at this moment but up to now I'm still adding knowledge about breastfeeding. I'm actively reading and participating every breastfeeding campaign. I love reading q&a discussion on my N@W e-group and other forums because I'm learning from their personal experiences. Someday soon I might use it :)

After our breastfeeding session

And lastly to be successful in breastfeeding, you must ENJOY and CHERISH the bonding moment with your most precious little one.

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  1. I know many would feel offended if we say that it's our responsibility... so I will say instead, it's our responsibility to really give breastfeeding a good try :)

    and am sure your Rylee was blessed that you gave it your all, however short it was

  2. Hi Mommy Ecsie. What a beautiful post! I read din your post about Rylee's battle to live - naiyak talaga ako. It reminded me of Mommy Trish's journey too with Sofia ( You are based in SG na pala ngayon. I am sure that Rylee is smiling down at you and Rudy from heaven, and even if it may be hard to believe at times, God has a plan for your family - the best plan of all! Prayers for you sis!

  3. escie! you said the formula perfectly - 80% preparation during pregnancy and 20% practical application afterwards. we are more concentrated on preparing hospital bags, baby's room, etc. etc. and forget about what comes after! prepare for the marriage and not the wedding! ;)

  4. Mommy Mec - thanks for the reminder "it's our responsibility to really give breastfeeding a good try :)" at least may pwede na ako sabihin sa ibang mga kaibigan who wants to try :)

    Mama Tina - hi, thanks so much for reading it. Basahin ko din ung kay sofiaysabel :) I always believe that God has better plans, that He's pruning me in His goodness.

    Mommy Jenny - thank you :) sa ngayon concentrate muna sa marriage and praying for lots of patience while waiting for our next gift from heaven.

  5. Dapat talaga maghanda para sa breastfeeding habang buntis pa lang. Marami kasi ako iniisip nung pregnancy (APAS at Gestational Diabetes) kaya hindi ko masyadong nakarir ang paghahanda para sa breastfeeding. Buti na lang buo ang desisyon naming mag-asawa kaya kinaya pa rin namin lalo na ang mga unang linggo nito.

    Unang beses kong napadpad dito sa blog mo. Pero isa ka sa mga nakasama ko sa carnival na tiyak na babalik-balikan ko.

    Masaya akong makasama ka sa Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (August).