Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Batuting turned 1

Its been a year since Rudy (formally) proposed.. It happend May 12 of last year inside the Bus 240 from Jurong Point..

As far as I can rememeber, its magical hehehe... It's an unexplainable feeling and you cannot react immediately hehehe basta your just HAPPY and SMILING..

for the rest of the story click this link ---->

Taken that night...
Since, its Batuting's birthday (yah, we named it batuting hehehe)... Rudy gave me some flowers last night.. Oh diba ang sweet.. Thanks chamuymoy!!!

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  1. ehehe!! cute naman ng mga names nyo.. ehehe!:) same pala tayo me ni-celebrate last night..:) kami naman monthsary..:) Happy for you guys!:)