Friday, May 22, 2009

416th Catholic Engaged Encounter

416th Catholic Engaged Encounter
ME House Ponggol, Singapore

Last May 15-17, 2009, Rudy and I found ourselves discussing and being certain about our future. To tell you honestly, I’m having doubts and apprehension in getting married. Please don’t get me wrong. I truly love Rudy and I’m happy to be with him. But pressures, stress, dreams to be fulfilled are some of the factors that made me feel this way. But I believe God chooses both of us to be in this catholic renewal to finally answer my/our questions and give me/us peace of mind. And yes we both made it. We finished our course and got our certificate.

Just to give you an overview in this seminar, we learned that getting married is way different in falling in love. We should decide and stick with our decision. Boy, its not easy to decide for just 3 days (although we been together close to 9 years, including the courtship and being together). But through God’s grace, love and guidance we decided and agree to get married and to start our family. But after all marriage should not be base only on love. It should be base on our faith to God, faith to our partner and faith to our love for one another. In this time, I got the chance not really to focus on the wedding details and preparation (motif, bridal gown, cake, reception venue, menu, church etc… We only got less than 150 days to prepare as of this writing) but to be focus on our decision to love and let God be the center of our journey as a couple. I also got the chance to speak with Rudy with an open heart and open mind; to be honest and to share with him everything, in joy and in pain. We thought by just getting married it’s only being together and frankly we thought we are also prepared (hehehe) . So we are really thankful for this kind of seminar. It’s really helpful.

BTW, you can check this site for more information -
And please note that this seminar is open to any kind of race and religion

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We are so lucky and privileged to be with some of our kababayan couples (and a w@wie member also, yippee) –sila na ang prayer partner couple namin :)
Jose Mari and Maria Christina
Siegfriedo and Eleonor
William and Rhea
Ronilo and Esthertina

For my final words, prepare your marriage in a different way. Take this chance :) and I guarantee you this is really, really a great experience.

Escie Santos

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  1. waaaah!! parang gusto ko rin neto sis! pwede na ba 'tong replacement for the pre cana seminar sa pinas?.. me bayad?..:)