Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updates... Updates... Updates...

This is a long due post... Since I'm really really busy with lots of things (hmmmm ano nga ba kinabibishan ko?!!!) here in Sg..
So let's start the wedpreps update... We (again) take a long-weekend vacation in Philippines, since the world is celebrating LABOR DAY we also want to be part of it.. Its better to celebrate it in your own land with family and friends around.. Para mas meaningful..

Day 1 - April 27, 2009

We went soooo early at Changi Airport (April 28 flight namin), since Rudy and I are not a morning people we decided to sleep at the airport (630am flight namin) and not to take the plus 50% extra of the taxi fare during morning.. Hmmm infairness cozy naman sa airport at walang pakialam ang mga tao kung trip nyo magtulog dun hehehe.. Un lang medyo masakit sa likod :)

Departure - Manila, 10:30AM
Arrived safely at NAIA.. BTW, I'm with our
co-w@wiesg couple Tonio and Janice during the flight... They are also doing their wedpreps..

First stop, shempre sa house muna namin. My mom served asado and chopsuey for our lunch (wahhhh I really miss her and her cooking).. After our great lunch, its time to take out all the pasalubong for my family..

Suppliers list of the day
1. Joel Bautista - Rudy's Barong

2. Joy San Gabriel - Wedding cake

with Ate Clarice (OTD)

3. Kaye Cunanan - Caterer


1:30PM - Meeting with JoelBaustista

I had several email excahanges with him since last year. His office is cozy and inviting.. He himself is also nice and honest. What I really like about him is his kwentos and experiences kaya di ko din napansin ang oras..
He gave us some advise for our wedding, nakakatuwa nga kasi its reality :) So habang sinusukatan nya si Rudy kwentuhan pa din kami to the maxxxxx..
Oh before I forgot, we got his service because of 2008
w@w auction.. Great find talaga kasi he will be using a Pina Jusi for Rudy's barong..

3:00PM - Meeting with Joy San Gabriel and Clarice Avinante

Ate Clarice accompanied us in Ms. Joy's kitchen/shop.. Sa may hagdan palang amuy na amoy na ung mga cakes.. at nakakatakam talaga :)
The kitchen is clean. At that time, Ms. Joy is baking a wedding cake for a wedding. Then some of her staff are baking.. She entertain us and she's really approachable..

Ms. Joy prepared 5 different cakes for us namely AMARETTO, CARROT, BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE, 2 variant of chocolate cake that I forgot the names. Everything are tempting. I first tasted the blueberry chessecake (since I'm a chessecake lover), well it was definitely the best cheesecake I tasted (walang stir!!!)..

Carrot cake and amaretto are also superb.. In the end, Rudy and I decided to take the amaretto, carrot and chessecakes (mango, strawberry, blueberry and oreo) for our wedding cake. Kasi nga lahat un nagustuhan namin..

6:00PM - Food tasting with Kaye Cunanan at their mega beautiful mansion..

I really can't believe that Kaye is so young. A yuppie. She invited us in her humble mansion.. She's super duper nice, cool and sexy.. (Di ba asteeeeeg pagapapakilala ko sa kanya).. We just didn't expect na ganon kabata ung magiging caterer namin..

Since K is also a w@w favorite and her style is unique and not so traditional which is a big factor sa amin ni Rudy(bawas gastos sa event stylist).. Pero kailangan din ung taste nung food, both of us really love to cook and eat kaya medyo meticulous tayo pagdating dito.. I spend some time researching in w@w database about her menu list..

She prepared a complete meal for our dinner...
Cocktails - Hoisin chicken wrap and Blinis with smoked salmon and dill

Soup - Squash Soup

Salad - Barbecued Chicken Salad

Pasta - Baked penne pasta with tomato and creamy pesto

Dinner - Grilled red snapper with mango salsa and coconut cream

Dinner - Roasted rosemary chicken with stuffing

Dinner - Barbecued baby back ribs and grilled corn with parsley butter

Dinner - Carrot rice

Dessert - Panna cotta with kiwi

Beverages - Water and Raspberry iced tea

Top favorite dishes:
Cocktails - Hoisin chicken wrap (really yummy, presentation plus 5)

Salad - Barbecued chicken salad (my personal favorite kaso di ito pwede sa nagdidiet)

Dinner - Grilled snapper with mango salsa and coconut cream (another personal favorite)
- Barbecued baby back ribs and grilled corn with parsley butter (favorite ni Rudy)

- Carrot Rice (we all loved it!)

Dessert - panna cotta with Kiwi (the main reason with we fell in love with K's dishes.. Just a little info we tasted this dessert in 2007 bridal fair at Megamall kaso that time di pa kami ready hehehe)

Overall experience, we had a great dinner (as side from free cya).. All the prepared dishes are great..
The best part mas ok na ung price ng per head namin at saka may free dessert buffet and we can set-up a bar :)

Can't wait for our next food tasting and occular inspection with them..

April 29 was indeed a very fruitful day for our wedding preps.. It was tiring yet fun..


  1. waaaaah!! nagutom naman ako dun sa mga hinanda sa inyo!.. ehehe!! mukhang ang sarap ng menu nyo ha!:) buti na lang me 1 pa daw kaming final food tasting with Josiah's.. ehehe!! This time tlga mas lalasapin ko na yng kain ko at kukuha ako pictures na mas maayos.. ehehe!!

  2. Ang sarap ng wedding menu and cake ninyo! :)